Beauty Zone

Beauty Zone

A person should be beautiful inside out. You are beautiful inside, but why sometimes the inner beauty doesn’t reflect back outside? We know how to give a shine to your beauty! Sometimes, it is the day-to-day work stress that gives a pale shade to your skin, hair loss, under-eye dark circles. If we are not eating well, we are not getting enough proteins, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Beauty Zone has everything you need. Our range of beauty services include threading, eye brow, facials, hair cut, hair spa and waxing etc.

While we re-introduce the lost nutrients into our body, it is relatively a slow yet fulfilling process. For that matter, we have unique and promising services to provide you.

For a skin that has become pale and lost its shine, we have various clean up and facial options for you. These treatments infuse a good dose of all the things that your skin needs. With these cleanups and facials, you will regain your supple, healthy & fresh skin. With all the dust and dirt damages, skin pores get clogged with tiny dust particles as well as pollution particles. With the top most brands that we use for the treatments, rest assured you get your skin as good as a baby!

Hair loss, hair breakage, and hair damage is a common and the most frequent complaint of the time. Because of unavailability of good water, malnutrition, chemical treatments, damage is an inevitable outcome. Of course, pollution is also to blame! Now stop worrying & Pamper yourself with Hair spa treatments from us which will give your hair the bounce it deserves! Not to mention, along with your diet, it will help you to boost your hair growth at a faster pace.

This is just a short piece of what we love to offer you. We have a lot of options for you to choose from, for how you want us to pamper you. We have exciting offers and tempting combo plans because we want you to visit us not just once, but again and again. So, join us to take the bright ray of beauty out of you!

Beauty Zone Packages

Only For Ladies

Face Clean Up
Half Leg Wax
Full Hand Wax
Underarms Wax
Facial (Ori Flame)
Underarm Wax
Hair Cutting
Hair Spa
Body Massage
Head Massage
Body Spa
(Upper Lip + Eye Brow)
Underarm Wax
Carbon Facial
Threading (Eyebrow)