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Advanced Hair Transplant

Advanced FUE Hair Transplant

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant technique is one of the most advanced techniques in hair transplantation. It is currently the most popular and safe method of hair transplant. With the use of the Advanced FUE method, male as well as male pattern hair loss can be successfully treated at Nirmiti Cosmetic Surgery Center.

In the Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, each hair follicle is individually selected and extracted with the use of a circular punch and then immediately transplanted back onto the bald patch of the scalp. This technique is less painful and more a very fine scar as compared to the Strip harvest method (FUT) of hair transplant. FUE is a highly advanced method of hair transplantation that gives consistent results and very less downtime.

In the strip method, a large strip of scalp hair-bearing skin is harvested and made into small pieces of the individual follicle. Rather in FUE, each follicle is harvested with the use of a circular punch so it causes very little damage to the surrounding hair and the hair itself which is to be grafted. And these hairs are transplanted individually to the bald area over the scalp.

Can Hair Be Taken From (Donor Site )

1. Scalp Hair for Hair Transplant:

The back and side of the head (occipital and temporal Areas) – The hair in these areas will not get affected by baldness. These hair are not susceptible to the action of DHT {Di-hidrotestosteron} and thus they are resistant to fall. Thus, this hair provides a good source of graft in a bald area.

2. Beard for Hair Transplantation :

People who have good beard hair are good candidates for beard hair transplantation. Beard hair is thick and coarse than scalp hair, mixing them with scar hair gives us good density and good coverage overhead. Once head hair starts growing it gets mixed with scalp hair and becomes difficult to differentiate.

3. Body hair for hair transplantation :

Chest, auxiliary & pubic hair are the options. As last resort, when a large number of hair are required to be transplanted over the scalp, like grade 7 baldness, this hair can be used as fillers to the scalp hair or beard hair.

Things we do to give you the best FUE Results:

We give our best to give you the best advanced FUE Hair Transplant results. In this, the bundles of follicles that are removed from the head are examined under magnification before being transplanted. The defective follicles are removed. These follicles are separated into bundles of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. These bundles are known as follicular units or hair grafts. Good natural results are obtained when these hair are implanted in these bundles as they were present in natural conditions. Thus results after advanced hair transplant are more natural looking and long-lasting. The front four hair line is made of a single hair follicle. The transition zone is made with single and double hair follicles. And rest of the area is a blend of all the hair follicles. When the original pattern is not consciously followed by the doctor, the result is not natural and the patient is disappointed.

A successful hair transplant depends upon the angle of natural hair growth. These are important facts that patients need to understand before undergoing hair transplantation. Normally the hair present in the hairline grow at an acute angle of 15 to 20 degree to the skin of the head. As we progress from the hairline to the crown, this angle subtly increases, eventually, the hair becomes almost vertical in the crown. This gradual change is subtle and is being taken into consideration while transplanting hair.

In hair transplantation, the only thing that matters is your hair specialist who is performing surgery on you has enough knowledge of the hair architecture and adequate skills to give desired results. At Nirmiti cosmetic center we take into consideration all factors, thus making it a trusted name in hair transplant centers in Maharashtra.

Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation Procedure

In this procedure, we remove individual hair follicles containing 1 to 4 hair with the help of special instruments. With help of these advanced FUE instruments, each hair follicle is separated from surrounding scalp tissue causing minimal trauma to the follicle and adjacent hair follicle. These hair follicles are then transferred to the special preserving solution to increase the survival of the graft.

These follicles are then implanted with help of special instruments in the area where we want to transplant hair. This is done in a very skillful way so as not to damage the hair root. These roots are then densely packed into the donor area in such a way that it will give a natural hair appearance. Advanced FUE is a minimally invasive method in which there is very less damage to the normal hair thus leaving very less scars and a natural appearance.

Procedure by hair specialist 

Before the start of the procedure, pre-operative instructions which will be explained by our doctors should be followed. First, we need to get your blood test done as told by the hair specialist. You should inform the doctor about any pre-existing medical illness.

Instructions to be followed prior to surgery:

Stop drinking alcohol or consuming a lot of caffeine. Stop the medications such as blood thinners as advised by our doctor.



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