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Why is there a Cobblestone Effect after a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Cobblestone Effect After A Hair Transplant

Why is there a Cobblestone Effect after a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Why is there a Cobblestone Effect after a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Cobblestone Effect After A Hair Transplant

A Hair Transplant is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries out there. There are very few complications resulting due to this procedure. But a patient undergoing a Hair Transplant must be aware of those few.

One such post-transplant complication is the Cobblestone Effect. Why is there a Cobblestone effect after the surgery?

As one of India’s leading Hair Transplant clinics, we consult a lot of patients daily. This is one of the most common questions that we come across.

So here we are, with a quick explanation of the Cobblestone effect. This blog will discuss causes and treatment options for the Cobblestone effect too.

So let’s begin.

What is the Cobblestone effect?

The Cobblestone effect is a condition where the tissues in the hair graft recipient area of the patient rise created after the Hair Transplant.

This results in the formation of small bumps in the specific region. It is easily noticeable and can impact a patient’s morale and confidence.

Therefore, it is considered a failure in Hair Transplant surgery.

It’s called the Cobblestone effect because the tissues that rise look similar to Cobblestoned pavements alongside the road.

Why does the Cobblestone effect occur?

Before understanding the causes of the Cobblestone effect, it’s essential to know how the Hair Transplant procedure is done. So let’s start there.

There are two primary Hair Transplant procedures, FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extractions).

In both procedures, a surgeon harvests multiple hair follicles from the Donor Zone and implants them in the Recipient Zone.

But the Cobblestone effect occurs if:

  • Your surgeon extracts too many tissues from your donor zone and implants them in the recipient zone. Once the hair grafts are in place, the extra tissues heal improperly, resulting in the Cobblestone effect.
  • Your surgeon does not implant the hair grafts deeper into your scalp. So when the incisions heal, the surrounding tissues rise and cause a Cobblestone effect.

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Is the Cobblestone effect average after the Hair Transplant surgery?

The Cobblestone effect is a surgical complication.

Although it’s not a life-threatening or fatal condition, it severely impacts a patient’s confidence, making him self-conscious. So It’s Not Normal at all.

In the field of Hair Transplant surgery, the Cobblestone effect is considered a surgical error.

So whenever it’s essential to choose your Hair Transplant surgeon with extreme care. You need a surgeon who is experienced and specializes in Hair Transplant procedures.

A professional doctor knows exactly how deep the hair follicles should be inserted. They are also aware of what amount of tissues need to be harvested from the donor’s zone.

At Nirmiti Cosmetic Centre, we have an experienced Hair Transplant team with extensive experience. Our team ensures each procedure is performed with extreme care to avoid such complications.

Can the Cobblestone effect be reversed?

In a few cases, the scarring or bumps might subside on their own. But there is no guarantee that the effect will reverse. Multiple factors like how deep the hair follicles are, the age of the patient and the patient’s scalp condition play a crucial role.

Are there treatments for Cobblestone Effect?

Well, there are some treatments, but they do not guarantee a complete cure. The Cobblestone effect occurs due to the scarring of tissues. The healing process of scarring tissues is quite different and slow from normal tissues.

So a patient should not expect 100% results from these treatments. At Nirmiti Cosmetic Centre, we provide the following treatment options for the Cobblestone effect:

  1. Laser surgery treatment: It can help flatten the bumps in some cases.
  2. Scalp Micro pigmentation or SMP: It can help minimize the appearance of the Cobblestone effect. Under this procedure uses a micro needle to insert dye into the scalp.
  3. Second Hair Transplant: It can help hide the occurrence of the Cobblestone effect in some cases.

It’s essential to note that these treatments do not eliminate the Cobblestone effect. They just help conceal or hide it. There is no cure for the Cobblestone effect as of now.

Wrapping up

As the proverb goes, Precaution is Better than Cure! A Hair Transplant is a relatively safe and easy procedure. The cases of the Cobblestone effect are very few. And these cases occur when patients get implants from inexperienced doctors and unregulated clinics.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to worry about the Cobblestone effect if you are getting your Hair Transplant at certified clinics like Nirmiti Cosmetic Centre. It’s safe, effective and hassle-free.

To know more about Hair Transplant s, feel free to talk to our experts.


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