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Robotic Hair Transplant


Some people suffer from extra undesired hair loss at an early age and some people do not have a much of hair growth, thus creating spots with lesser hair thus showing partial baldness. Patients with such conditions are suggested to undergo hair transplant procedure after studying their health condition.

So what is meant by Robotic Hair Transplant? Robotic Hair Transplant surgery is advancement in the technology of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. The robotic system performs two important steps in a hair transplant procedure with FUE technique, one is creating a follicular graft harvesting and the other is recipient site creation. As these two steps are automated, it enables the surgeon to perform hair transplant with unparalleled accuracy and precision. The major pro in the procedure is that, human error is zero. With manual grafting, occurrences of human error are possible. The robot’s optical three-dimensional guidance system and dual punch mechanism first locate then extract follicular units according to specifications programmed by the physician. They do so hundreds to thousands of times per session with consistency and accuracy impossible to duplicate with the human hand. So, the robotic hair transplant in a nutshell will be:

  • Human Assisted Automated Rapid Transplant System/ Robotic Hair Transplant system is the World’s Fastest, Safest, Least Invasive, Automated, Most Result Oriented and Most Surgeon Friendly Hair Transplant System available globally.
  • The Patent Awaited Novel technology used for the Punches and the Implanterd ensure that there is no trauma to the underlying tissues or the harvested grafts.
  • This involves no linear incisions, slit or channel opening or human graft manipulation both while extraction and implantation.
  • The least invasiveness and least human manipulation during the entire procedure ensure the best graft quality and survival, thereby providing the best results after a hair transplant procedure.
  • This Novel Technology ensures that there is no scope of human error during the entire length of the procedure.